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helping creative individuals in New York City

ArtCondo is a community-driven real estate enterprise with the long-term vision of helping creative individuals, creative industry businesses and non-profits purchase and develop buildings collectively. ArtCondo helps artists and creative buyers purchase commercial work space, commercial buildings, co-op and condominium apartments, and townhouses throughout NYC. Our mission is helping creative individuals leverage their collective buying power and tap their sweat equity, to create mixed-income creative communities which are effectively interwoven with surrounding neighborhoods.

ArtCondo’s overall purpose is helping creative individuals—New York City’s working artists—to become financially stable property owners, anchored in their communities, so they can continue to enrich the city’s cultural heritage without fear of losing their housing and/or workspace.

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helping creative individuals

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ArtCondo is comprised of NYC artists, creative-industry business-owners, NGOS and non-profits. We are a loose group of creative workers who are interested in purchasing working space in NYC, and becoming more organically connected to surrounding neighborhoods as good neighbors, collaborating colleagues and friends.

Participating artists are responsible for design, marketing and outreach, technology, historical research, and the creation of the ArtCondo Foundation. We need more able-minded creative participants to shape and actualize the ArtCondo vision and we welcome you to join us! All participants will gain Sweat Equity credits toward their future purchase.

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ArtCondo LLC staff

Michele Gambetta

Michele Gambetta is the Founder and CEO of ArtCondo. She is a native New Yorker and NYC-based artist. She has a Certificate in Real Estate Finance and Investment from NYU Schack Institute and developed her East Williamsburg studio space for herself and other artists in 2001. Michele is a licensed real estate salesperson at BOND NY brokerage, has worked for a Manhattan real estate developer, and spearheaded 2 arts-focused start-ups. She received an MFA from School of Visual Arts, and a BFA and Presidential Scholarship from School of the Art Institute of Chicago.

Between 2003 and 2009, she founded and ran RIDER Projects, in partnership with over 140 other artists. Rider Projects were a community-focused mobile art gallery exploring the potential of art to create positive social change, grounded in the ideas and philosophy of Joseph Beuys. ArtCondo’s broad social vision is based in the work and insights gained through the RIDER Project.

Matthew Fletcher

Matthew Fletcher, an artist living and working in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, has been working as web designer for twenty years and a user interface engineer for the last ten. He is currently working as an independent web developer focusing on the needs of other creative professionals. He studied painting at Biola University and Claremont Graduate School.

Artcondo: helping creative individuals, creative industry businesses and non-profits purchase and develop buildings collectively.