ArtCondo Newsletter Fall 2014


A lot has happened since our first newsletter. We are excited to share our latest steps and hope you will join ArtCondo on its exciting journey!



ArtCondo has found a great 30,000 SF factory building in Mott Haven, Bronx, which we are hoping to buy!

This is a 5-floor factory building with windows on four sides, wooden floors and rafters, 12' ceilings, a freight elevator, and ground floor space. The ground floor could be used as a gallery or sold as other art-related retail space. The building is located near 149th Street station in an Industrial Park serviced by the #4, 5, 6 and 2 trains. It is located approximately 25 minutes by train from Union Square.

I have been advised not to distribute photos of building widely since we cannot pre-sell units, but are instead LOOKING FOR PARTNERS TO FINALIZE THE INITIAL PURCHASE. I am attaching two photos of similar buildings to show you the type and scale.


If you would potentially be interested in purchasing space in Mott Haven, renting studio work space (NOT living space) in Mott Haven, or possibly participating in a Lease-to-Purchase structure with the end goal of owning space in Mott Haven PLEASE COMPLETE the following form. + FEEL FREE TO SEND TO FRIENDS.

We need a critical mass of interested artists, and enough people who are interested in becoming partners in the purchase and are able to contribute the needed down payment, and we need to know ASAP! So please fill in the survey, NOW. :)

Again, it is IMPORTANT TO UNDERSTAND is that we are NOT selling any units now. This is NOT a formal condominium or real estate offering. We are TESTING OF WATERS to see if we should move forward in Mott Haven. If you are interested in Mott Haven for any of the above reasons, please complete the in the following link above, and I will call you. + FEEL FREE TO SEND TO FRIENDS.



ArtCondo has started a MONTHLY ORIENTATION / MEETUP group for new people to learn about what we are doing and to have the opportunity to participate in monthly Orientation meetings. IF you have not been to an Orientation Meeting yet, but are interested in learning more, please sign up here, and come join our Orientation Presentation. These MeetUps happen on the FIRST MONDAY OF EVERY MONTH.

MONTHLY WORKING MEETINGS with ArtCondo artists still take place on the THIRD WEDNESDAY OF EVERY MONTH. Please be sure to attend Orientation first, if you have not done so.

April 20th @ 7:30 853 Broadway, 15th floor (south of 14th st)
May 18th @ 7:30 853 Broadway, 15th floor (south of 14th st)
June 15 @ 7:30 853 Broadway, 15th floor (south of 14th st)
July 20 @ 7:30 853 Broadway, 15th floor (south of 14th st)
August 17 @ 7:30 853 Broadway, 15th floor (south of 14th st)
September 21 @ 7:30 853 Broadway, 15th floor (south of 14th st)
October 19 @ 7:30 853 Broadway, 15th floor (south of 14th st)


We will be having a Special meeting with Madeline Marquez from the Small Business Administration (SBA) to help artists begin preparing and understanding how to apply for commercial mortgages from SBA which have especially good terms for people who qualify.


Our NEW WEBSITE is coming soon! Please check back in 2-3 weeks, and it should be up!


ArtCondo LLC is a Brooklyn-based community-focused real estate initiative created to help creative professionals purchase and develop buildings throughout the NYC area, in partnership with neighborhood residents. We are working to help artists, arts non-profits and art-related businesses purchase commercial spaces to work in and residential town homes to live in. Our upcoming non-profit, the ArtCondo Foundation, will provide artists, arts organizations and other cultural stakeholders with more affordable and cost-subsidized working spaces for teaching, music, theatre, dance, photography, green roofs, and other creative enterprises across NYC's five boroughs. Additional information is available on our upcoming website You may unsubscribe if you no longer wish to receive our emails. UNSUBSCRIBE here.

ArtCondo Newsletter Fall 2014

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