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Contact us to learn more about ArtCondo, a new way for artists to buy commercial work spaces and live/work lofts throughout New York City. We are a new and innovative real estate enterprise for creative workers of all types – from Architects to cooks, to musicians to programmers to scientists to zoo designers. Created by NYC artists, for all of NYC’s creative workers, creative-industry businesses, NGOs and nonprofits!

ArtCondo is a professional real-estate venture which is experimental, alternative and artist-driven. We invite you to contact us to learn more or to discuss your specific situation and needs.

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ArtCondo: info [at] artcondo [dot] com
Office Phone: 646-723-3024


Michele Gambetta: mgambetta [at] artcondo [dot] com
Cell Phone: 646-245-9801

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ArtCondo LLC
ATTN: Michele Gambetta
649 Morgan Ave, #1Q
Brooklyn NY 11222

Contact us to learn more about purchasing space in NYC.

ArtCondo is forging new ways to help NYC’s creative industries remain local by helping them collectively buy into neighborhoods and actively contribute to the social fabric of our city. ArtCondo is an artists’ project based in the realities of NYC real estate. We are working to leverage market realities with professional real estate financing, development and brokerage expertise, as well as comprehensive legal oversight, to help creative workers gain equity.